About Us

Technology is a continuously evolving phenomenon of our ageand it has been prompting considerable all-round changes in every single field, including education. Over the years, the norms, modes and styles of learning have been revolutionized and students now do not need to carry backpacks or study in overpopulated class rooms. Computer and the Internet have replaced the ages old culture of class rooms and campuses. Online education has emerged as the new-age style of education, and it has received immense popularity among students. Students have become increasingly techno savvy and distance education serves as the best platform for learning in the current scenario. The flexibility it provides in managing class schedules and timings, and the aspect of convenience affiliated with online study programs gives it a certain edge over campuses. Now students can receive higher education and earn degrees from the comfort of their home or office. Additionally, the feature of studying independently and according to their own pace makes online study programs more beneficial and suitable than traditional schools.

Some benefits of Distance Learning:

  • The facilityof studying at your own pace
  • Affordability (No charges for accommodation, suppliesor maintenance involved)
  • No traveling required
  • Classes can be accessed 24/7
  • A vast variety of available study programs
  • You can work and study simultaneously; no need to put career on hold.

What is SelectYourDegree.com?

Why Select SelectYourDegree.com?

  • We provide potential and exclusive leads only.
  • Leads from outside sellers or affiliates are not purchased at all!
  • Our hand filtered,and non-incentive leads are of the highest quality allover in the industry.
  • Re-selling leads to new customers is prohibited!
  • We excel in Geo-Targeting to provide you customized leads!
  • To match your degree/program criteria we also offer services of filtering leads!
  • We have broadened our horizon and reached students from Canadian demographic!
  • Vast variety of leads is available!

The SelectYourDegree.com Promise

Our main objective is to reach out to a maximum number of students and help you increase your school's student demography. Additionally, we aim to provide assistance and support to aspiring students trying to excel further in education. Our highly trained and motivated staff works 24/7 to help you achieve educational goals. It is a crucial term of our policy that we always provide filteredand qualified leads to our clients. Matching leads with your suggested criteria is our utmost priority. SelectYourDegree.com's chief task is to find only the best quality leads who are actually trying to continue their studies. Unlike other companies, we Do Not re-sell our leads, and they remain 100 percent exclusive to you. Quick deliverance of service is the highlight of SelectYourDegree.com, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. In case of faulty or unqualified lead, we offer an option of refunding. We know that this is a highly competitive industry, and you can choose from a variety of service providers for leads. However, the fact that helps us stand apart from other companies is that we have a long history of dedicated services in the field of education. Our lifelong commitment to education has brought us to a prime position in this industry.

SelectYourDegree.com promises to help you achieve your academic goals with excellence!